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Technology for taking care of diabetic foot

A smart way to prevent amputations.

App SaFeet

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Do you know what can happen to your feets?

Diabetic foot is a problem in 15% of the patients who have diabetes.

90% of the amputations are due to this disease. It produces personal, psychological, social,emotional and economical problems

A Smart insole system

Safeet is a Smart insole system that helps to improve feet’s cares. Avoiding possiblle ulcers provoked by pression or shoe brush.

Safeet identifies pression points exerted by your feet, it measures temperature, humidity, heart rate, by helping to decrease risks of amputation in body inferior extremities.

It has to be connected to your smartphone by gathering information in real time for users and treating physician.

  • It fits in any kind of shoes
  • Antibacterial insole made with copper
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
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It works through multiple sensors that will help you in your daily routine

Safeet can identify pressure points exerted by your feet when walking, besides you can know the temperature to determinate which foot is colder, along with humidity, because all these factors are high risk, that’s why Safeet prevents future ulcers.

This information is analized and interpreted to have an early diagnosis. This information is to be analized by your treating physician or nurse as a warning to prevent and to act preventively and avoiding abnormal changes that can generate significant and intractable damage.

  • Weight distribution

  • Angle

  • Footstep weight

  • Temperature

  • Humidity
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With your Smartphone

Safeet connects with your Smartphone through bluetoooth connection 4.0 with low battery consumption.

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Long battery life


Functional prototypel

APP for your Smartphone

It’s always connected to your feet.

Your feet will be connected like never before.

You will be able to have access to your information from everywhere with your Smartphone, iPad or computer.

It helps to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

You will be able to know your level of physical activity and notice when you need it.


SaFeet can control glycemia levels and it can notice you when glycemia goes up or down.


Contact with specialist doctors.

All your feet’s information will be reviewed by specialist doctors through a health record.

Reminder to take pills.

You will be able to register pills you need to take and it will alert you in case you forget to take them.

Learning with Safeet

You will have many healthy life advices, symptoms, healthy food and many other topics.

A general view

Safeet win in IOT INACAP 2015-2016 .

This is a competition that looks for solutions to problems through Internet. These solutions can be directed to energy, health, agroindustry and mining or any kind of área in which specialists want to start.

These projects will be submitted to different testings and judges from CISCO, Samsung and HiWay will make the decision.


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The Team

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Julio Espinoza

Computer Engineering CEO, Founder

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Nicolas Valdivia

Computer Engineering CTO, Founder

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Andres Valdivieso

Medical Doctor & Surgeon